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Sally and friend Gabby

Sally Doggin’

I’m excited to be writing about our publishers, their books, and I’ll also be sharing good news about our industry. I hope you’ll find the blog useful and entertaining.

So who the heck am I, anyway? Well, I’ve got 45 years of experience in all phases of bookselling – working my way through bookstores, then 25 years as a buyer/VP for a large wholesaler, then landing here at C&H for the last 10 years on the sales side of things, so I understand both sides of the ball. I love booksellers and bookselling and I respect how hard you all work to make your spaces unique, welcoming and community embracing. And I love our publishers and respect how hard they work to get their books into your stores. If I can do a little bit to help with that, I’ll have gotten it right! So let’s go!

–Sally Lindsay